11 Gift Ideas for the Mum-to-Be

New babies are pretty special and deserve to be spoiled – but what about the woman tasked with the mammoth responsibility of growing, birthing, feeding and nurturing this new little life? I think she deserves a treat too… 

1. Pregnancy massage

Anyone who’s experienced the aches and pains of the third trimester will relate to the sheer bliss of a pregnancy massage. I was kindly gifted one of these during both my pregnancies, and the spa even had a special cushion to cradle your bump so you could still enjoy lying in comfort on your tummy during the treatment. Or the mum-to-be might prefer to use this gift post-birth, when the pressure can be as firm as desired without the risk of sending her into labour.

2. Beauty treatment

For Christmas last year whilst I was heavily pregnant with my daughter and due to pop any day, my mum gifted me a number of treatments including getting my hair done, a manicure and pedicure, and an eyebrow wax. I suddenly felt less like a beached-whale (more like a well-arched bleached-whale), and my foils lasted long enough to get me through the first weeks of motherhood before they needed doing again.

3. Cleaning service

I don’t think you could go far wrong giving new parents the gift of a fortnight or two off their regular cleaning duties as they adjust to the challenges of new-parenthood. I strongly considered getting a cleaner to help us get through the first couple of months of caring for two under two, but unfortunately our budget didn’t allow it. Even a one-off clean would’ve been a fantastic help and greatly appreciated.

4. Date-night

This could be something like cinema tickets (Gold Class if you’re feeling flush – otherwise I think this particular voucher through Village Cinemas offers great value – for $49 you get 2 cinema tickets, 2 large drinks, 2 choc-tops and 1 large popcorn); or perhaps a gift voucher to their favourite local café or restaurant.

5. Meals subscription

A week or two of a meal subscription service such as Hello Fresh or similar will dramatically lighten the load of the new-mum. There are often very good deals and discounts to be had with these services. Failing that you could always Uber Eats the new parents a takeaway or drop a dinner round for them one night. They’re bound to appreciate a night off cooking – just remember to check for their allergy info. and likes and dislikes first.

6. Babysitting vouchers

If you’re feeling crafty, make the mum a voucher promising her a night (or day) of babysitting, then remind and reassure her down the track that you’re more than happy for her to cash it in, because she might feel too guilty to bring it up herself. There are bound to be templates online.

7. Subscription to a streaming service

New parents often spend a great deal of time glued to the couch either feeding or holding their sleeping baby, so the gift of absorbing themselves into the latest movies and TV series as they do so could prove a hit, especially when this might be the only bit of ‘me-time’ they can claim those first few weeks. Netflix offer gift cards that can be used towards a subscription.

8. Magazine subscription

The new mum might appreciate a subscription to a magazine such as Mother & Baby or Mindful Parenting – or any other of her favourite glossies for that matter whether it relates to cookery or lifestyle – to relax and enjoy during her snippets of free-time. Alternatively, you could gift her a parenting book or a journal in which she can record her insights and experiences as she progresses along her motherhood journey. There are many one-line/day journals out there for when she’s short on time but would enjoy looking back on a record of this unique time in her life when things become a little less hectic.   

9.  Survival kit

I once decorated and put together a shoe-box worth of goodies for a mum-to-be to gift as a pregnancy survival kit at her baby-shower – some ideas of things to include might be a face mask, a foot treatment, some nail varnish (for when she can see her toes again), a mini bottle of wine (or alcohol-free wine which can often taste just as good), some high-energy snacks to get her through those long days and nights, some hot drink sachets, a women’s multivitamin, an eye mask for those day-time naps etc… You can be as creative as you like! I’m sure Dad would appreciate some treats too – for example a stubby of his favourite tipple and a packet of gourmet nuts.

10. Bump to Baby photo shoot

The expectant couple (and their new baby) would likely love to look back in years to come on Mum proudly showing off her beautiful baby bump.

11. Babymoon

It could be as small as a night in a city hotel, or as glam as a spa-weekend in a stately-home or a trip overseas – whatever it is, it is probably the last bit of quality couple-time the expectants are likely to have for quite some time, and a gift like this would therefore be very unlikely to go unappreciated. Just be sure she’s within safe timeframes to fly and it’s not too far away from the nearest hospital!

If all else fails, Apps such as Groupon or LivingSocial are a great place to turn to for some unique gift ideas in your local area, or you may prefer to band together with a group of friends or family to purchase a higher-value gift.

What gift did you, or would you, have found particularly awesome to receive as a new parent?

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