A New Mum’s Survival Kit

I’m lucky enough to be blessed with an extremely thoughtful husband, family, friends and colleagues who totally get the demands of new mum-dom and how all-consuming the adjustment to the arrival of a new baby can be. New mums are usually so focussed on meeting their little tot’s needs that their own can temporarily fall by the wayside, so if you’d like to show the new mum in your life a little TLC, I recommend you create her very own survival kit of goodies to let her know you care and support her through the haze of those hectic first few weeks. You can be as crafty and creative as you like. Some suggestions of things you might like to include are:

Something to drink:

Whether it’s sachets of gourmet hot chocolate or coffee, or a selection of her favourite teas (mother’s milk or red raspberry leaf tea could prove a hit), it’s important the new mum keeps herself hydrated. You could even include a keep-cup from a local café or a reusable water bottle she can grab on the go if you’re feeling flush.

Something to nibble:

It doesn’t matter if baby is breast or bottle fed, feeding is going to consume a lot of a new mum’s time in those early weeks and months. It can be helpful for her to have a handful of healthful, energising snacks to hand – perhaps a packet of mixed nuts, goji berries, or dark-chocolate coated pumpkin seeds to nibble on – nutritious and tasty!

Something pampering:

A new mum might be feeling pretty battered from the birth and worn out from all the night- wakings, so something pampering is surely to be appreciated. A face mask or foot pack, bath milk or salts (to promote healing), or even a manicure kit or new hand-cream might well be appreciated.

Something practical:

Something useful such as a baby sling or carrier, or a parenting or baby recipe book might come in handy for the new mum – failing that you could always throw in a tube of nipple cream, bunch of breast-pads, a tub of postnatal multivitamins, or a mini medical kit for baby (think thermometer, Panadol, teething gel etc…).

Something thoughtful:

Something thoughtful such as a handmade babysitting voucher, cinema tickets for two to give the new parents the chance to head out on a date-night together, or a journal in which to record all the precious moments that come with the exciting phase of life that is motherhood is sure to touch a new mum’s heart.

Something cosy:

Perhaps a pretty pair of socks, warm blanket or a cute wheat-bag she can heat up quickly and use to soothe her aching back during those long feeds, something cosy is bound to make the new mum feel pampered and comfy when baby is demanding her undivided attention. 

Some escapism:

Whether it’s a copy of her favourite glossy or the latest paperback novel, the new mum will undoubtedly appreciate an opportunity to escape into another world during her little snippets of me-time.

Let me know if there’s something I’ve missed! What goodies would you include in a survival kit for new mums?

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